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What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa is an approach to yoga in which you move from one asana to the next in a coordinated fashion with your breathing. It gives you the feeling that your breath is moving your body, and its loaded with tons of mental and health benefits.

Who needs to practice yoga?

You could say I am biased about it, but after millennia of yoga practicing I’m hardly the only person who would give you the same answer. Yoga is for everyone, everywhere. We all need to reconnect with life and our inner self in the meaningful, profound way that yoga provides.

Do I need previous training?

Not at all! Will power, discipline and tons of joy is all you need. We’ll be by your side along the way at all times for everything else 🙂

Can I mix my current workout with yoga?

Absolutely. Yoga is 100% compatible with every human activity, every human group, and every human being. 100% guaranteed 😉

Am I too old for this?

As long as you can breathe and move your body, age is not an issue for a bit of excercise, yoga or hula hoop. Come and see for yourself!

Can I take my children to the class?

Is there a better age to make ourselves accountable for our own body, health and mindfulness than youth? Don’t let them lose the golden oportunity to discover the power of fitness and well-being and bring them all!  

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1115 NE 88th St, Miami,
FL 33138, USA